What is HelloHelp?


Chat with up to four callers simultaneously

Send pre-formatted answers from a knowledge base
Send links, images, documents and HTML code
Transfer calls to other operators
Complete caller info (page referrer, browser, IP)
Video (optional) (caller will see operator)
SSL (optional)
VIP customer option
Chat transcript option for customer

Professional call-center metrics
Monitor and override chats
Authorize operators
Control catalogs and knowledge base
Full chat log
Create as many service centers as needed
Specialize operators according to functions

Easy to use
Immediate set up
No need to install hardware or software
Customizable language options
Look and feel customizable to meet website image
The lowest bandwidth consumption in the market (fast and efficient)
Works with most browsers

Why do I need HelloHelp™?

1. Bottom line: Do you have any idea how many sales are lost due to lack of real-time, personal assistance?
2. Your customers do not have time for an email (in average, email responses take more than 3 days).
3. Customers do not disconnect to make a phone call.
4. Increase sales and customer-service operator productivity.
5. HelloHelp offers the most complete set of features at the best price!
6. You have just improved your web page, your customer service and your company's image.
7. You sell more, spend less on customer communication costs and gain customer loyalty!

How does it work?

1. Your customer browses your web page.
2. Your customer needs live help.
3. Your customer clicks on the HelloHelp™ link on your page.
4. Your customer is assigned dynamically to the first available customer rep for an instant chat.
5. Your customer reps solve your customer needs. (In fact, he/she can service up to four calls at a time)
6. Your client is given instant satisfaction.

What benefits do I get from HelloHelp™?

- More sales.
- Better customer service
- Less phone bills
- Customer loyalty
- Sales and customer service knowledge
- Give it a try and then decide (no credit card required)

Some of our advantages:
- Price!
- Easy to use
- Immediate setup.
- No need for software and hardware installation.
- Professional call center metrics.
- Low bandwidth requirements.
- Customizable multi-language tags.
- Pay as you go
- Customized look-and-feel to your company's image.
- Powerful features
- The most cost-effective solution in its category

What kinds of businesses use HelloHelp?

- Both the large sophisticated enterprise as well as small and medium businesses.
- Companies aware of their customers' needs.
- Companies focused on selling.
- One of our largest customer uses HelloHelp instead of phone calls and email. In fact, HelloHelp has become its most important sales channel.
- Some of our most demanding customers like to try all the options on the market, 7 out of 10 choose us.

Does HelloHelp provide the operators?

- We only provide the solution, but "calls" can be directed to your actual call-center service so they answer the chats.
- You can add HelloHelp to your actual sales and customer service reps; it is more productive, more efficient and less costly than phone calls.

How much do I have to pay?

- $60 per seat, per month.
- No set-up expenses.
- Pay only 11 months in advance and receive a full year service.
- Cancel any time.

How many seats do I need to sign-up?

- It depends on your operation.
- You can start with one operator and increase according to your needs.
- You can sign-up extra seats for time specific campaigns and needs.
- You can cancel any time.

Our technology

- HelloHelp™ uses HTML and Javascript for quick satisfaction. No long Java loading waits.
- HelloHelp™ is light and efficient. HelloHelp™ works with your current Internet connection.

How to contact us?

You can chat with us
or send us an email to info@hellohelp.com

If you are in Australia, Argentina, Chile or Peru, please contact our Partners