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You will receive a free trial of HelloHelp for 10 days. You can later decide to rent HelloHelp or cancel the free trial.

With this free trial you can simulate chats between your supervisors or operators and your clients. The purpose of this trial is for you to get to know the performance and functionality of HelloHelp as an operator, supervisor and client.

This free trial is a real application and you can use all of the functions of the system without limits.
To use this free trial, it is not necessary to modify your website, or add the “Live Help Now”. All you need is an Internet connection and a Navigator (Explorer 5.5+, Firefox 1.5+).

HelloHelp runs from our servers it does not require software installation in your computer. We will assign an Internet webpage or a URL you can access.

It is necessary to fill the formula ire below with your personal information and the company’s information. We will provide three exclusive codes to identify your trial:

a) Username. - A short username that will provide access to all of the functions of the system. (Configuration, operation, security) Example: “vcantu”
b) Password .- The password you will use to access your account. For example: “mi_acceso77”
c) Name of account .- We recommend you use your company’s name. ?Example: “Bank_Internet_”
Once you have filled in the form below we will email you, an URL address for your account with the instructions to use HelloHelp.
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You will receive the account name and URL via email, therefore it is important for you to fill it in correctly.
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